Judge Mathis Completely Destroys Wendy Williams Live On Her Own Radio

Wendy Williams has been the subject of much chatter and Judge Mathis adds on to it in a vicious way.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Wendy Williams has quietly taken a lot ot L’s this year. In fact, It has been a bit of a terrible year from rumored infidelity from her husband, a potentially fake fainting incident to 50 Cent going ham, to the endless memes. Now, add Judge Mathis to the list of people that have going at Wendy. Now, judge didn’t exactly come out swinging, but he was on the show promoting a book. Suddenly, Wendy starts talking about all this allegedly stuff in the judge’s past regarding infidelity and drugs. THE JUDGE WENT OFF!!!Gosh.


This shit old, years this on the link they posted earlier this year.... Must b a slow news week

I heard*

god dang she done.

Damn Judge Mathis G Checked For Real!

WAIT....this is an all-time terrible ball drop by AHH. This happened about a DECADE ago.

Hint #1 - when was the last time Wendy did radio? That's easy enough to Google. 2009.
Hint #2 - when did Judge Mathis put out a book? That's easy enough to Google. 2002 and 2008.

AHH used to be just credible enough with their content. Pulling this one out from a decade ago and passing it as new news is inexcusable.