Just Blaze Reveals That Wu-Tang Clan's "Triumph" Was Originally 17 Minutes


While debating classic Hip Hop tracks, Just Blaze drops some behind the scene Wu-Tang fun facts.

(AllHipHop Rumors) In a Twitter debate about what may be the best Hip Hop song without a hook, Dart Adams tweeted out that the answer was Wu-Tang Clan's "Triumph".

Super producer Just Blaze offered another song, then he revealed that the unreleased uncut version of "Triumph" was about 17 minutes long.

"Protect ya neck >>> Sidebar: The unreleased uncut triumph is insanity. Like 17 mins long," said Just Blaze.

Blaze then added,

"I was in the playback session after Rza did a loose arrangement. Getting sandwiches for Buddha Monk lol. Exactly. All the dudes who were on Protect Ya Neck pt 2 (the zoo) on return to 36. Spent some time with them. Random."

Questlove joined the conversation adding that he didn't count "Triumph" in the list of classics.

"Hmmmm: Triumph is like “Lovesexy” to me. I don’t count it with the classics. I see it as the last. Or sadly beginning of the decline," added Questlove.

Did you know that there was a 17 minute version of "Triump", or did you think it was just a rumor?

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Anybody get the 17 minute version post that joint, please! That joint has to be the shitz...


I'm ready for a 17 minute version.


hip hop


Whats Questlove saying, who's decline , WuTang or Hip Hop?