Kanye Expresses His Love For Snoop Dogg On Twitter

Recently Kanye West took to Twitter to let Rapper Snoop Dogg know that it was still all love between the two.

(AllHipHop Rumors)Snoop Dogg may have had some words for Kanye West, but it looks like Ye is moving past all of that. Snoop was critical of Kanye and his association to Donald Trump.

Snoop wasn’t taking kindly to Ye’s new found friendship with the commander and chief. In interviews he was vocal and expressed his dislike of Trump’s actions.

He also would voice his displeasure with anybody who aligned themselves with the President. That displeasure would extend to his Hip-Hop colleagues, West included.

However, Kanye has been on his love parade. A tour that would include multiple media stops.

West being one of entertainment’s greatest speakers has used the platforms to express his affection for others including Drake and President Trump.

Now Ye has decided to use Twitter to express his love for Snoop Dogg as well. Kanye clearly doesn’t want to deal with any more problems as he prepares to release project.

Hopefully the music holds up to the vibe he’s attempting to create. Maybe by expressing love, Kanye will receive love from others.