Kanye, the Lazy Pops?

Kanye takes the backseat to Kim’s mother skills

By Ne’ Richa (@iAmNeRicha)

(AllHipHop Rumors) According to sources, Kanye is taking the scenic route when it comes to responsibility and daddy duties for baby Chicago.

It is being said that Kim is taking on all the major headaches that come with a newborn baby in the house, and Kanye has been trapping himself in the studio for long intervals just to escape.

Kim is also apparently complaining that Kanye has been off of his meds, and therefore, his “out there” behavior is starting to push Kim away. The rumor mill worked overtime when the streets whispered that the two were headed for divorce.

While I am not certain, I would assume that adding a newborn to the mix will more than likely make tensions more unfavorable than better.

Things certainly seemed ok yesterday on Valentine's Day, where Yeezy returned to Instagram with a vengeance and for almost 8 hours straight, he posted a bunch of pictures of famous couples, including himself and Kim.

Maybe Kanye has another genius album to release as a consolation prize to all this drama?