Kanye West And Tekashi 69 Have A Hit Record?

Looks like the summer of Kanye West continues on, burning hot like gonorrhea.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I have a theory. Kanye West is looking to maintain his relevance by simply working with young artists. He may be able to sustain his career should he be able to gain affection with the younger set. As far as older gods, Kanye West is kind of mud. Some of these people actually rememember "Jesus Walks" and when he said "George Bush doesn't care about Black people? Heck, I remember this!

This sh#t is like 10 years old! No, 2003 - Wow! Anyway, the point is Kanye is doing a song with Tekashi 69. We suspected this, but it is now confirmed that a "hit" is the produce of that time in the studio. Check this out:

So, Most Def and Freeway are now replaced by Tekashi and Lil Pump. Honestly, to me I find it very weird. Kanye is working with artists literally half his age. The maturity seems to be similar though. No shade.

I was confused by this, but God bless.

Kanye has seem limited success working with older Kings like Cudi, Nas and even Pusha T to some degree. I believe he is looking for something that gets him hot with the young people and musically praised. Or, he could be just doing WTF he wants to do, which is very Kanye. I don't even know what I was thinking saying something.