Kanye West Confirms Whether Or Not He Will Host An American Idol Reboot


Yeezy Yeezy rumor control! Word on the street has been that Kanye West was set to host a reboot of American Idol!

by ClassicOne Rumors.

(AllHipHop Rumors) It’s clear that Ye is a great producer, musician, and artist, but I don’t know if he’d be a good fit to judge a singing competition show.

He’d show his whole azz if someone won or got to go to Hollywood that he didn’t agree with. I trust Ye’s ear more than I trust Nicki Minaj’s for her time period that she was a host. Having Jennifer Lopez (who can barely sing), and Minaj who raps but thinks she can sing, as hosts always struck many as odd.

On the flip side, judging or hosting the show should be done by a person that has a great ear for music, so to have a great ear, doesn’t necessarily require being able to sing. So I guess….it could work.

According to TMZ, as of right now, Kanye will not be hosting a reboot of American Idol or any other show for that matter, according to one of his reps.

Mannnnn the auditions used to be the best part of American Idol. Idc Idc, Ye would make for some good TV at first, and then we would hate him.