Kanye West Does Another Bozo Move With Another Bozo!

Kanye West oozes over Dennis Rodman for all the wrong reasons.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am convinced some of you would jump off a bridge if Kanye West did it. For years, Kanye West has been a lightning rod of controversy and it all exploded this year. The difference now is that his music doesn't measure up. The movement doesn't either. Aside from Pusha T, nothing has been all that compelling. That's not hate, by the way. Then came the bromance with Trump. And then slavery was a "choice." And, a bunch of malarkey about free thought from somebody people believe are addicted to MK Ultra. Google MK Ultra folks. The mere thought of being a victim of MK Ultra says a lot about this man.

He recently got on Twitter to rejoice getting an AUTOGRAPH from Dennis Rodman like he did with he got his Make America Great Again hat signed by Donald Trump.

He got a jersey signed, but bubbled with excitement over the hooper's ability to "always breaking barriers with independent thought."

And Kanye has been wearing the MAGA hat quite a lot too.

Rodman is also best friends with North Korean G and Kim Jong Un and also has met with Trump. Clearly, he is a Chicago Bull too, but I get the sense that Kanye is most excited about Rodman wearing a MAGA hat like him, meeting with Trump and also finding relevance beyond his sport. He's long retired from the NBA, but has managed to make himself important by doing stuff like coloring his hair and siding with dictator-types.

Do they line up better now? Both of these guys need help.