Kanye West Goes Off Again & Says Sony Won't Let Him Buy His Publishing Back!

Kanye isn't completely gone from social media.

By: Ne’ Richa (@LiteShado)

(AllHipHop Rumors)Kanye, or Coonye as some would call it, has been quite the talk of the town here lately.

He took to his Periscope to air out a few grievances about “mind control” and the powers that be in the industry.

In the 9 minute clip, he didn’t hesitate to divulge us with the results of his IQ score….which he claims he touched the 98 percentile and a score of 133.

I don’t doubt this, as he seems to be quite the manipulator of people with his antics.

Later, he touches on how he views society, currently in the state of “monotheism” (the belief in one God).

The most interesting aspect of this video is where Kanye says that Sony ATV will not allow him to buy back his own publishing, for the quoted price of “$8 or $9 million dollars.”

He didn’t go into detail about the reason why, but did call out “Big Jon” (Big Jon Platt) and “Marty” (Martin Bandier) about getting his publishing back and that he does have the money.

The most disturbing aspect of the video, unfortunately, is when he retorts that social media is lying about their disdain for Kanye…and that, in fact, "everyone loves ‘Ye”.

Whew chile...

Then, to expand on this nonsense he expresses that he is “the best living recording artist on the planet.” But, he assures us he’s just sleep deprived, and that he’s not crazy.

I really want whatever he’s sippin’ on over there in Africa. Matter of fact, I need a double shot.