Kanye West Is Working On A New Album?


AllHipHop exclusive rumors suggest that Kanye West is working on a new "regular" album.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Kanye West has been doing the Christian thing for quite some time. In fact, Jesus Is Born just came out last year, to the acclaim of people that don't care about MAGA hats. Anyway, I will leave it alone! 

I am hearing that Kanye West is now working on a new album...already. Now, we don't know the nature of this completely, but he is definitely working on new music, according to my sources. 

Now, Kanye West just had a Sunday Service in Paris, where Kim Kardashian made headlines for wearing a skintight latex catsuit. I may have written too much in the source, but I felt they suggested that this new opus would be a "regular" Kanye album, not a religious-based recording. 

But the more I look at the messaging, I am thinking we don't know yet what kind of album this is. Last time, I paid a lot of attention to Kanye's music, he was doing this:

What is your interest levels in a new Kanye West album?

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Personally, I'm very interested. I don't care about what hat he wears, and I don't care who he votes for. No one should be told who to vote for or what to think.
I like that Kanye seldom releases the same album twice. So yeah, new music would be cool. I'd like to see the 451's drop too, so, we'll see...


Late af