Kanye West May Be Working On A New Clothing Line!



(AllHipHop Rumors) Yeezy Yeezy is supposed to be taking a break but it looks like he's still pretty active.

After Kanye West's New York Fashion Week fail of a show, you would think he'd be taking a break from the fashion world. Apparently it looks like he actually has been even more motivated to do more in fashion.

Ye may even be getting ready to release a new Yeezy collection next month.

All I know is those models better not be dehydrated with bad shoes this time. LOL.

According to PageSix, fashion remains a top priority for Ye. A source close to the rapper claims that he has been working hard on his Yeezy Season 5 line, and he is also launching another apparel line.

While Kanye is trying to take less meetings, the rapper still remains fairly busy.

“He sounded great. He said he was trying to put less stuff on his schedule and be a little bit more restful. He’s scheduling less meetings and he said he was feeling much better.

He was still going 100 miles per hour with work. People were concerned that he was going right back to his schedule,” said the insider."

West was supposed to have some 'Calabassas' track pants coming for Season 4. The rapper has been seen rocking them, and a few have made it into the hands of consumers Will you be sporting Kanye's new fashion line?

I don't know about yall, but Kanye's clothes look like overpriced homeless chic to me!