Kanye West's New Slavery Comment Gets Howard Crowd Booing!


Kanye West made a new blunder at Howard's Homecoming and got an appropriate response from the school.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Kanye West is really on a  tear these days. He's out there convincing people that he's OK, even though he still supports Trump, never asked for forgiveness and also is using religion to get in the good graces of the people. 

I couldn't believe a MAGA hat wearing Negro got out to someplace like Howard University, and spew his malarkey! But he did! " 

"Next time the slave nets come out, lets all try and not stand in one place," Kanye said to the majority Black crowd. Remember, Howard is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities on Earth. They were not having it at all! 

Check this out!

Here is the full 10-minute rant if you can stomach it. I admit, I didn't look.

In my view, dude should go get some help, because he's clearly not all there. Some maintain that he's "back," but I don't think that's a good thing at this point.  Maybe Charlamagne will make him the "Donkey of the Day." Maybe not. 

Howard should have kicked him out. 

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Yea and most brainwahed slaves don't see they are slaves. Because they have been thought the wrong thing for so long. It's amazing how you hate the pass for the atorsity that were committed. But only when whites do them. Maybe Howard is a racist black school and always have been. no no that can't be true cause blacks can't be racist right (ha another ignorant lie). Calling a black man crazy because he believes something different then you make you crazy & racist not him. You called him a "MAGA hat wearing Negro" how professional and that's not racist ok. And also most will turn on a true prophet cause they don't like the word of truth. Y'all would rather hear lies cause it more comfortable then the truth. We as black Americans need to think for ours self and not let ignorant people like the author try to guide our thought to where they want like new slaves.


The false prophet never knows he is the false prophet. He is convinced that he is “the chosen one”, which is another symptom of mental illness. Delusions of grandeur, convinced he is sacred. His Trumpism is just because he’s a rich dick hanging around like minded Trumpsters afraid to admit it.


Maybe I missed it, but I didn't hear any booing.