Kanye West Says "I Love Donald Trump"


Kanye West is really going off and challenging ALL conventional thinking.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Kanye West says "I LOVE DONALD TRUMP." We all know he has and album coming out. But this is beyond basic promotion and marketing an upcoming opus. This dude has gone ROGUE completely. This is beneath even the so-called "sunken place.

Here is a run down of what took place in the interview.

\ He wants to have open dialog
* He wants to speak how he feels freely (Ebro believes he should finish his thought)
* Did not add context to tweets because, "maybe people will understand when I put the music out" via Ebro
* Kanye wants to "deprogram people" to have people think differently than we thought before."
* Likes Candace Owens because "she's challenging conventional black thought"
* Feels no one showed love for him when he was addicted to opioids and in hospital
* Feels like he has been demonized - as a society we demonize people who try to think different
* "I just want to lead with love. I want to be about love."
* Says "I love Donald Trump."*



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I will take this bait and swim away. This will finally prove if Black America does or does not reward bad behavior. IF this is to get a play it will backfire on him in my opinion. The black people he is offending are MUCH smarter than he believes they are. This aint funny, OR easy to forget. Poor Cudi.