Kanye West, Tekashi69 & Nicki Minaj Video Shoot Got Shot Up!

Even YG got in on the situation when Ye, 69 and Minaj try to shoot a video.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I told you this was going to happen! How desperate do you have to be to do a song with Tekashi in Los Angeles? Before you answer that, let me continue. Tekashi69, Kanye and Nicki Minaj were supposed to be filming in Beverly Hills - 90210 of all places! And I believe people thought it was sweet, because, "Why else would you film in a place where people want to duff you out?" Needless to say, there were shots fired at the location and it is considered a drive-by shooting like back in the days.

Nicki Minaj was not there to enjoy the fireworks, but Kanye and 69 were, according to sources. Nobody was injured but they did call 911 to make sure we all got a nice audio of it all. Long story short, a number of shots were fired in the area. Tekkie has armed security so I am assuming it was a West Coast warning.

Makes me wonder what would make Kanye West and Nicki do a song with Tekashi. He's doing his thing but he's attracting a lot of negative energy. Just a few days ago, he tried to get into a convention and was stopped by one of YG's homies. Even security couldn't make that happen. YG got a bit of a laugh out of that and Tekashi responded with a joke. Oh well!