Kanye West Tries To Get Somebody Famous Deported!

Ye uses his mama's name in vain! And also threatens to get a comedian deported!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Kanye West. What the FLUCK!!!! I am staying away from this dude and frankly, I have been staying away from the rumors overall. I get sick and tired of trolling and media whoring that results in BS in the Rumors Page. I mean, "The Rumors Page is full of BS...why get your panties in a bunch now, illseed?," some of you may ask. Even I have a threshold for BS! Kanye goes on a 3000 tweet rant! That drives me insane! Plus I have been helping with the Year End Review Stuff.

Moving on. I can never tell where Michael Blackston is from. Sometimes, he's African to me and sometimes African America. His accent switches back and forth. But, it seems Kanye knows! AND, he threatened low-key to try and get the comedian deported. Remember, this isn't as far-fetched as you might think. Blackston is NOT "Dragon Brothers" with Donald Trump, but Kanye West is!

YO! Dude said,"On Donda!" If there is a heaven, she's looking down like, "My lil baby done went mad."

Donda like:

On illseed, this makes me sick!

I wonder who has deported more people in their first year, Trump or Obama?


Simone Grant
Simone Grant

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