Karrueche Cussed Chris Brown Out Over Love Child


Photo via Karrueche's Instagram

Karrueche recently visited Big Boy on LA's Real 92.3 to discuss a few things. She explained that she doesn't have beef with Rihanna and she makes sure that her and Chris Brown don't have to cross paths, so they can avoid the awkwardness. She also says she found out about Chris Brown's love child when it hit TMZ. She said she cussed the singer out because they were supposed to be trying to fix their broken relationship.

"When it hit TMZ, I was like oh, I called him I cussed him out and I was like you know after the whole Rihanna thing - we've been trying to fix what was broken - so I had to just completely pull away."

We wonder will she ever get to live her life as Karrueche and not Chris Brown's ex.