Kehlani Says She Is Single After Being Spotted With Tory Lanez

Simone Grant

Kehlani disses Internet bloggers as she dumps YG!

A kiss is still cheating! Kehlani wasn’t feeling YG’s cheating incident a few weeks ago. Back in October, the LA rapper was spotted what looks like kissing a nameless woman outside of a Hollywood nightclub.

Of course YG denied he locked lips with this woman and said he would never cheat on his bae. The internet had plenty to say about YG and Kehlani as they were confused on how abruptly this relationship started being that that two both recently had children with other people. According to Kehlani, this relationship was “five years in the making.”

Rumors are now swirling that the 24-year-old singer is now dating Tory Lanez after the Canadian artist posted a picture of the two in the club together. 

Well, Baelani shut that down real quick on twitter saying, “because I keep seeing this. I’m addressing it. Absolutely not. We made a song for my album. I am single. And focused. Leave the rumors for poorly paid bloggers.”

Well, it looks like YG found out about this alleged new couple and took to Instagram to get a few things off his chest posting, “What Young Thug said: DON’T GET SHOT TRYNA COMFORT MY B*TCH WHILE WE GOIN THRU IT/ I KNOW WHERE N*GGAS LIVE BLACK OPS.” Whew, chile. The ghetto!

What y’all think about this? Do you think YG’s sub was aimed at Lanez?

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Welp let the pass around begin. Once a female messes with rapper or athlete niggaz rush to be next.