Kelis Wants Fans To Stop Talking To Her About Nicki MiNAS & Her Past Marriage!


Kelis and Nas fans must let Kelis live in peace. She's moved on with her life, and they must too.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Kelis is tired of yall coming on her page with foolishness every time her ex-husband Nas gets in a "relationship."

Kelis has had enough of fans hoping in her comments telling her that they wish that her and Nas could've worked things out.

At first Kelis took a quiet, but still "loud" approach to revealing how she possibly feels about what appears to be a publicity stunt of a relationship between Nas and Nicki Minaj.

Kelis liked a fan's comment that said,

"Nobody cares for a fake couple that's trying to be the Walmart version of Jay Z & Beyonce....Go Kelis I'm proud of you & yourself your so drama iconic fav idol."

Dang Kelis thinks Nicki MiNAS are the Great Value Bey & Jay though?! Maybe she was just liking it for the drama free part.

At first, she was leaving her reaction just to Instagram likes, but now she has told fans to, "seriously stop."

Kelis has always reminded folks that she was the one who divorced "cheating" Nas.

Clearly Kelis doesn't want Nas back as she's been married to real estate agent Mike Mora for three years.

Do you wish Nas and Kelis could've worked things out?

Isn't it crazy how fans and trolls go crazy in in celebrities' comments?!

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