Kevin Gates' Former Manager Blasts Him For Being Fake

A former manager of Kevin Gates, claims the rapper is “fake” when it comes to acknowledging who really put him on.

Photo via Kevin’s Instagram

His former manager @DJyaboyearl took to Instagram to blast Kevin and inform the masses that he supported Gates financially and promoted his music long before he made it big.

Earl posted,

“…..Then you can get interviews and say nobody put you on and how u made it by urself because u always had money from selling kilos…SMH…#TheFakeWontWin, you can make it too unsigned artists u just have to finesse alotta folks to help u for free so I can change on em and diss em when the money comes!!! They will get rich and brag how they not giving handouts after the whole city gave them so much. 8 years it took.”

Gates responded subliminally by saying,

“If I play vulnerable and allow my pretend friends to take advantage of me-am I wrong if I come out on top?”

Hmmmmm what are your thoughts?