Kevin Hart Raises Over $1 Million For Hurricane Relief…But Will People Get It?

Kevin Hart Is Square In The Middle Of The Red Cross/Community/Money Controversy.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Haiti got people own full alert. In the instance with Haiti, over HALF A BILLION WAS RAISED. These funds were from good, good people all over the world that wanted to see that country come back after the devastating hurricane of 2010. $500 million, people. Of that money…SIX PERMANENT HOUSES have been BUILT. SIX. They charge that they housed, 130,000 people people, but nobody can seem to find where. As of 2010, NPR reports, the American Red Cross was operating at a $100 million deficit. Now, they have been good at giving out blankets and things like that but Haiti was another thing altogether. When the Red Cross says it helped 4.5 million of them get back on their feet, most say “you need more people.”

Fast forward to now…

Kevin Hart has already raised about $1.3 million and counting for relief to people down in Houston. But where is the money going? T.I. has already made it clear that he will accept the challenge of giving $25k, but he won’t give it to the American Red Cross. In fact, his exact words were…well let Tip tell you himself.

Anyway, they say upwards of 98% of the donation money to the Red Cross goes to things like administration and salaries. I don’t know but, the majority of the money is not going to the people. Facts. Is this a sham or is it a shame that Kevin Hart is putting pressure on celebs….when the money won’t help ALL those really in need? Hmmmmmmmm...

Master P had some things to say, but it was more around "shaming" people into giving such large sums of money.