Kevin Hart: Steven Seagal Sh#t Himself After Getting Choked Out!

Kevin Hart is going to have you laughing crazy with this hilarious tale of Steven Seagal.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Man, F##k Steven Seagal! Back in the day, he was cool because he portrayed a tough guy that could bend arms backwards. But these days, since he opened his big mouth, he has been consistently a jerk-off. Well, Kevin Hart isn't my favorite either, but at least he's way more chill and funny that that other dude. The other day, K.H. tried to get on stage after the Eagles won the Super Bowl and was denied! What a d#ck move, but what I liked is that he owned up to it. Kevin even laughed at it. So he's ok in my book. Now, if we could get him to stop doing short Black man jokes with The Rock, we can rock.

Kevin gets more cool points from me though. He recently told a story of how a$$hole face Steven Seagal got choked out and sh#t himself on the set of a movie. Let me tell you...I thought I heard it all when I saw the headline, but you really have to listen to this one. Kevin Hart's re-telling of the story is one of the AGES. I literally sh#t my pants, I laughed so hart...I mean hard. OK. Clearly, it is time to go.

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Love this! Steven's been denying this shit for a while. Seagal is so full of shit, none of this is a surprise.