Kevin McCall Is Beefing With Chris Brown......AGAIN!


Well there's Azealia Banks, Tyrese, and there's Kevin McCall.

(AllHipHop Rumors) When it seemed like everything may have calmed down between Chris Brown and Kevin McCall, Kevin is back to acting up on social media.

According to McCall, he's ready for a one-on-one altercation with C. Breezy!

It's not clear what has been going on with them behind the scenes, but McCall posted a clip of himself in a club posting beside a dancing Breezy.

The footage is clearly old, and McCall asked Brown to pull up on in the same way that he walks up to him in the footage.

“I stay pulling up on you — DOLO and saying [what’s] popping? And u dance and act cool. I came to your hood and [f-cked] with YOUR big homies my Little cousins. Your turn to come to my hood,” said McCall.

Chris has made it clear that he isn't the least bit bothered by the post as he liked it and laughed at it.

Breezy may have laughed it off, but one of his associates, Sinko, made sure to check McCall publicly.

Sinko put McCall on blast as he stated that McCall has actually been the one making calls trying to get people to squash their beef.

Of course McCall had more to say. He called Breezy and his crew out for "bringing guns to a fist fight." He also called Breezy and crew a b-tch, and followed up with a video message that said,

“Chris Brown is supposed to be a gangster, right. Why every time he get into something with another man — one person — he gotta have a gang come help him? Chris Brown, you from out of town, my n-gga. My whole city will turn up on you're ass if you keep it up,” said McCall.

McCall is clearly unstable as he moved on to posting about his faith and love.

He claimed to be a man of God who denounces violence and who walks with love.

Although Kevin was the one who publicly reignited their beef, he says that God is on his side for anyone who has any issues with him.

Kevin ended his antics by claiming that Brown and others had been prank calling him, and he told Chris to watch his back while in his Watts neighborhood.

In my opinion, Chris and Kevin should have to do joint therapy and counseling sessions.

To Breezy's defense, he didn't start it this time though. Carry on.

Oh, and I knew Kevin was crazy. Look at how he's been harassing the mother of one of his children, model Eva Pigford.

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