Khia Claims She Wrote Trina's "Da Baddest B*tch"


Someone get Trina on the line ASAP!

(AllHipHop Rumors) To be honest, I don't even remember why Khia has been beefing with Trina for a while as Khia has beef with literally everyone.

When Khia's 'Queens Court' co-host TS Madison expressed her disappointment in Khia constantly going in on Trina, Khia replied by saying that she's not worried about Trina.

She also said that Trina is only mad because she wrote Trina's hit "Da Baddest B-tch."

To no surprise, this sent Trina's fans into a frenzy with some even running to google or digging in their CD boxes to pull out the album cover insert to check those credits!

In the credits Trina and another individual is listed, and there are no signs of Khia. Does this mean that Khia could've been a ghostwriter on da baddest b-tch's single?!

Khia also claims that the rest of Slip-N-Slide Records and even some of Grand Hustle allegedly stole music from her too.

Do you think Khia is telling the truth, or do you think she is simply delusional?

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