Khia Claps Back At Reginae Carter, Takes Shot At Lil Wayne

Order in Khia's Queen Court! Pleaseeeeee

By Ne’ Richa

(AllHipHop Rumors) Whew…Ms. Khia, aka Thug Misses, aka Ms. My Neck, My Back, aka No Filter is not here for Toya Wright nor any of her domestic shenanigans.

She, and co-host TS Madison took to Instagram to provide their own commentary on Toya Wright’s recent pregnancy, and who the “alleged” baby father may be.

Khia holds no punches if she feels the need to speak her mind, and at times one may wonder if she’s just joking or spilling piping hot tea straight from the streets.

She stated that Wright’s baby father is a guy by the name of Red, a sports agent, who is also a relative of R&B singer, Faith Evans. She also went on to state that she doesn’t understand why she will be retaining the last name, Wright, and insinuated that her pregnancy is just a scheme to “secure the bag”…basically the reason that Red has yet to “put a ring on it”.

While we are unsure of the validity of these statements, it’s certainly a head-scratcher to say the least.

Toya and Reginae Carter also decided to take to Instagram to express their grievances with her commentary, going on to state that Khia needs to worry about “making a hit”.

While we can’t argue with that, it was also pretty entertaining when Khia and Madison decided to clap back once again when they posted a video mocking Reginae’s claim of “we’re working” by repeating it over and over during a photoshoot. It’s hard to say when this foolery will end, and even more importantly, when Toya will indeed change her last name.

But let's get into Khia's most recent clap back. The retired rapper also decided that she would give Reginae an alleged lesson about her family history.

OMG, Khia even told Reginae that she has always had to be the adult in their home because she says that Toya had Reginae at 14, Toya's dad allegedly wasn't around, Lil Wayne was allegedly never around, and Toya was allegedly raised in trap houses by her mother.

Khia also told Reginae that Trina was allegedly "swinging" with Toya and Lil Wayne. Thug Misses even said that Toya was "swinging" with Birdman too all while Birdman was kissing Wayne in the mouth. Khia basically alluded to the fact that she felt like Birdman and Lil Wayne allegedly carried on a relationship.

Before getting back to Toya, Khia told Reginae that she hasn't been anything but a meal ticket, and she claims that Toya would allegedly have Reginae call her father Lil Wayne for any and everything for her 19 years on earth. She even told Reg that she has no talent, and that's why the OMG Girlz didn't want her.

Someone please get Khia and her Queens Court!

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