Killer Mike Gets “Read” By Joy Reid


Joy Reid has Killer Mike trending on social media...YIKES!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Social Media is a very tough space to exist in. And Killer Mike is learning this the hard way. A week or so ago, he conducted an interview with the NRA (National Rifle Association) that was meant to be pro-guns. The only issue is the NRA is a racist organization and they used the otherwise dope rapper as a propaganda tool. They waited to use his interview during the March 4 Our Lives movement and march. Mike took a loss and he apologized for doing the interview. He comments weren’t inherently wrong, but the timing, and the way it was used was wrong.
ANYWAY, just for the record, KM is a friend of the site (or was) and he’s awesome.
But the other day, he made another mistake and the internet caught it. The comments were viscous. Somebody said, “You can’t spell ‘Killer Mike’ without two Ls.” I hate yall!
Here is the exchange between KM and the always classy, incomparable Joy Reid of MSNBC.

Mike just took the L.