Kim & Kanye Hope A Sex Doctor Will Save Their Marriage!

Simone Grant

Kim is willing to do whatever it takes to save her relationship with Kanye.

(AllHipHop Rumors) According to rumors, Kim and Kanye have sought out a sex doctor to salvage their marriage. 

Reports say that they have had counseling in the past and it helped so the couple is hopeful it will aide in their issues again. 

An insider explains how they have sessions at least once a week and the therapist is giving them suggestions to put the flames back in their marriage. 

Kim has supposedly hired a team of therapists specifically for Kanye. 

These therapists would be on call 24/7 when he was touring because she was stressed about his history of mood swings and manic episodes. 

Neither have commented on either matters and I doubt they ever will. 

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Who's the hottest rapper out??? She'll be fucking him next


Ye ain't feeling that driveway anymore huh? Welp they will be done before the year is over prolly.