Kim & Kanye Must Not Know That Perverts Are All Over!

Did Kim Kardashian make an error posting naked pics of her kids on IG?

(AllHipHop Rumors) I suppose when you live a very sequestered life, you can forget some stuff. Or maybe there is no need to care. But, I'll tell you, Kimmie Kardashian posted naked pics of her kids online for the world to see. Now, back when I was coming up, this was cute and nobody thought much of it. But now there are mutants that will get their rocks off over this stuff. I personally think she could be smarter. I know she ain't responsible for what some weirdo thinks, but to me, it would give me the shivers. These kids may not even want to be all over social media. In a few years, they are going to be like "Thanks a lot, hoe!"

Again, in a Utopian, this really would not be an issue, but in this dark, dank, dirty world...these people probably have terabytes of stuff on their hard drives. I watch "Mr. Robot" and I know how they get down!


Simone Grant
Simone Grant