Kim Kardashian And Rhymefest Go Toe-To-Toe! Guess Who "Wins" This One!


Kim Kardashian tried her social media bullying and 'Fest responded with a

(AllHipHop News) DAMN! Why’d Kim Kardashian decide to go at Rhymefest? For those that may not know Black history, Rhymefest and Kanye go way back, back before writing “Jesus Walks” and all that. They were friends and that friendship has apparently seen some highs and lows. But, now we have - in 2018 - this slore coming at Rhymefest? What in in the world? Wouldn’t Kanye West want his nuts to hang again like they did with that drunken “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people moment”? Yeah, I heard he was drunk. Anyway! Peep the damn tweets!

And of course, Rhymefest had a suitable and appropriate clap back….for KK. She has not responded.

And Kanye…

Here's a reminder:

After Rhymefest came back...