King Yella Sends Offset A Reminder About Cardi B!

King Yella is being disrespectful out here.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Uh oh.

Chicago rapper King Yella isn't playing fair!

The Chi-town rapper is out to expose Hip Hop star Cardi B for all of her old ways!

Yella took time to post a lot pictures and videos with Cardi B letting Offset know that "Bardi" was "his b-tch" first!

"We had yo b-tch first @offsetyrn @iamcardib interview out now on @zacktv1," posted Yella.

This is fighting words. You know Migos is about that life, and so is Cardi.

Should Offset respond to Yella for disrespecting him and his fiancee? Do you think King Yella is trying to get publicity and clout off of fake beefing with them online?

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LMAO Thats some sucka shit Nigga trynna get some clout off her now that she blew up smh

Wild corny

This N*gga should quit. Remember Every time you kissed or licked her somebody else was there so stop being an op. Let her make that bread ol jealous ass!

Hating ass nigga....mad cuz she blew up harder than him. Nigga better worry about them Zoes on his head and stop with the busta shit. Niggaz don't play when it comes to they wives.

If Yella was smart he would have kept it cool with her and reached out so he could get some shine instead of casting this hater shadow...smh dumb ass...