King Yella Threatens Tee Grizzley Over Slain Rapper Diss


These rappers just can't seem to get along!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Uh Oh!

Tee Grizzley seems to have a few Chicago folks upset with some of the lyrics he recited during a live stream.

Even rapper King Yella decided to issue him a warning in response.

"We smoking brick off in the lobby," rapped Tee Grizzley.

On my mama, you will die you b-tch a-s n-gga! You h-e a-s n-gga! F-ck wrong with you b-tch a-s n-ggaa, on Brick, I better not catch your b-tch a-s, n-gga!" said Yella.

King Yella apparently felt that the lyric was about FBG Duck's slain brother FBG Brick, who caused Yella much grief after he was shot back in July.

Yella has also previously called out Tee Grizzley for disrespecting other Chicago rappers.

King Yella went in on Tee Grizzley on social media because in the original version of the song "No Effort" Grizz seemed to go in on the late rapper Lil JoJo as he rapped,

“Extendo on the glock, that b-tch long as a pogo/Let Lil Durk music get you hype and join JoJo.”

“Tee Grizzley, what you on shorty? Let JoJo rest in peace ... Come on shorty, stay yo ass on that Detroit sh-t. Don’t put yourself in no Chicago bullsh-t," said Yella.

Hopefully they can squash all of this peacefully.

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