Kodak Black Can't Go To California Because Of Nipsey Hussle Disrespect

The banning of Kodak Black in the name of Nipsey Hussle has come from an unlikely space.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I got some good news! It appears that Kodak Black is banned from going to Los Angeles, California! Well, he can, but if he likes breaking, he wouldn't. As you should know, dude make a slick comment about giving Lauren London a year before he makes his move. Like she would want him, but I digress. He said a bunch of stuff, including she would like him more because he would become socio-political active like....Nipsey? And, No. Nobody was feeling him and people let that known, including T.I. and The Game. Being that The Game is a Blood gang member and a friend of Nipsey, this has taken a turn for the worst. But it was not The Game that really created the banning...it was radio host Big Boy.

Big Boy is a good dude. In my head, we are good friends and he is my OG. In reality, we have never come close to meeting. But he put a word on online that vibrated all over the internet! Check it:

Mad people posted this over and over and over. But, the reality is, Big Boy is such a nice, congenial dude, that when he speaks this loudly and opinionated that EVERYBODY LISTENS! Now, I see people are saying that its "on sight" if he comes to Los Angeles, where Nip was raised. I think this going to end poorly for Kodak even though he is "apologized." That apology was lame and lacked empathy. I won't even begin to put the litany of stuff that I have seen on this page, because I think I would be implying that somebody should kill Kodak, which I don't.

Here are some more posts from Big Boy, which preach peace.

I do think that Kodak needs to learn a less, like a kid needs a spanking sometimes.


By the way, Big Boy didn't "ban" Nip, but his words created the energy.

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KODAK is at the opposite end of the spectrum of what Nipsey stood for. Nip stood for change Kodak stands for nothing. Nip showed intelligence. Kodak displayed ignorance. Nip showed independence and freedom. Kodak is a slave to his label. Nip is a legend and motivating. Kodak will never C a legend and keeps the cycle going. Nip was trying to change our perception to them folks. Kodak is the reason then folks look down at us. Nip made us hold our heads high. Kodak makes us shake our heads! Fucc Kodak. The west ain't fuc n with cuz. Some shit you cant apologize for. Spit on a man's name that has not even been laid to rest yet? Disrespectful to his whole family. Maybe if Kodak dumb ass listened to Nip he would learn something. Smh....This is what happens when clowns with no principles at all enter the game. #nomoreclownsinhiphop


Its a shame we have to lose the good ones and be stuck with scum like Kodak. The world will be a better place when he is locked up or dead


Kodak Black has really bleeped up.. I wouldn't lie.. I was also damn dissapointed.. He needs to learn