Kodak Black Gets Roasted For Believing He Is The Lil Wayne Of This Generation


A lot of these young rappers apparently are suffering from delusions of grandeur.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Issa mess! If this generation of rappers isn't somewhere flat out dissing the Hip Hop legends, they are making disrespectful comparisons to them.

I'm sorry kids, none of you are the next Tupac, Biggie, Hov, Nas, or in the is case Lil Wayne!

Kodak Black was served some humble pie when he compared himself to Lil Wayne by agreeing with a fan.

A fan tweeted,

"Kodak Black is the Lil Wayne of this generation."

As if that wasn't enough to spark some chaos, Kodak retweeted the tweet adding,

"I Swear."

Mannnnn listen. Kodak if you don't......Lil Wayne is the Lil Wayne of this generation. There will never be another, and I'm sure that Kodak nor any of these other rappers will come close to hitting the heights and records that Weezy did. I mean most of these new rappers can't even rap in the first place.

These comparisons are not only out-of-hand, but they are also disrespectful.

Check out what the 'net had to say in response to the Florida rapper.

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these memes though lol


He is the pre Carter 1 Wayne