Kodak Black Is Still Not Here For Lil Yachty!


Kodak Black certainly has time to troll. Kodak Black has been mocking other rappers he hasn’t been getting along with this week.

By ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors)


First he mocked Hurricane Chris, after Chris sent some shots and threats his way in defense of Lil Wayne.

Now Kodak has let us know that he apparently still isn’t rocking with Lil Yachty that much as he took time out to mock him as well.

Remember E-40 had to take the kids to Hip Hop school when Kodak Black accused Lil Yachty and others of jacking his lingo.

Kodak Black and Lil Yachty seemed to have had a mix up about who can use the lingo of “broccoli” when referring to weed in their music.

Remember Kodak called Yachty a square, and Yachty replied saying that he isn’t one and that he had always given Kodak his props.

E-40 came through with the facts, and informed them that in 1993 he referred to weed as broccoli, and in 1998 he made a song called “Broccoli”.

Apparently E-40’s lesson wasn’t enough to make Kodak let it go. Apparently Black thinks Lil Yachty is wack period, as he recorded a video imitating Yachty’s style and flow.

To most, they both are garbage though…..right along with some of their rap peers. LOL Carry on.