Kodak Black Takes From Cardi B What Cardi Took From Him


Kodak Black isn't gonna let Cardi B get all that "Bodak Yellow" and not take some for himself.

(AllHipHop Rumors) You can’t make this stuff up people. Apparently, Kodak Black created the inspiration for Cardi B’s “Bodak Level.”

When you hear it you can tell. “No Flockin’” came out like three years ago. It feels like a really unrefined song, but still goes pretty hard. ANYWAY. Kodak Black has been pretty good about this whole thing and even said that he may be getting paid off of Cardi B’s song. If he is, good. If not, stranger things have happened.

So, what does he do? He has created a remix of Cardi’s song called “Bodak Orange,” according to sources. I am not sure if this will mean anything at this point. While, the charts are saying Cardi is pushing to that No. 1 slot, the song seems to have peaked to me.

Check out Kodak Black’s remix of “Bodak Yellow”:


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No. 1-2

Two rappers with speech impediments top the hip hop charts. I remember 20 years ago my Dad turned me on to Songs In The Key of Life. 20 years from now this is what we'll have to give our kids? Sad. SMH.


She gotta get him & Remy for the remix & quit playin