KRS-One Takes Shots At LL Cool J!


Photo via KRS-One's Instagram Video

UPDATE KRS-One just apologized in a rap at SOBS:

"I’m about to ask for forgiveness / I fucked up with my lyrical physical fitness / I want y’all to see this, heaven or hell / I did a rhyme, and I dissed LL / Now some of y’all might know this / I did it in Pittsburgh, the other day, with Chris / I was battlin’ this dude, / Tryin’ to get in my face, I ate him like food / But check it out / What I said with no doubt / I was off the top, like how I am now / He was dressin’ like LL, like ‘Wow’ / So as I was dissin’ him, it came out my mind / I really didn’t want to say it, but I said it / The YouTube caught it, now they playin’ it / Why am I shorted? / Because I feel bad / See, LL Cool J, he’s like my real dad."

KRS-One and another rapper participated in a recent battle at a show in Pittsburgh. The first on the mic decided to not only dress like MC Shan, but he also recited some of his lyrics. KRS went in and said he thought the emcee was really going to touch the mic and battle, but instead he hit the mic reciting Shan's lyrics. KRS-One said he already took Shan out already. The emcees seemed to partake in a friendly battle, but KRS-One ended his battle saying,

"My man walked off with a red Kangol hat, like he ain't trying to be on LL's dick, and LL's wack."

Shots fired! Why did KRS-One have to take it there with LL. Who do you think would win in a battle between LL Cool J & KRS-One? Remember when KRS and Nelly got into it. Who do you think really emerged as the winner of that beef?