Kylie Jenner Calls Tyga A Pedophile? Uhhhmmmm….

I was under the impression that Tyga somehow managed to get out of the woods with this. I really goes to show you how they don’t care about Kylie. But that is another opinion for another time. The internets seriously exaggerated this one. It was so bad, TMZ took a story completely down. Basically Tyga and Kylie were playing kissy face or something and she responded to rumors that she was preggers and soon to be married. Tyga was asking her the questions. It went a little like this.

Tyga: Are you pregnant? I think we need to address that rumor because I feel like everybody thinks you're pregnant.

Kylie: Because I'm a f***ing infant child and I don't want to be married or have a baby right now!


After this, Tyga tries to clean it up stating that she was a “young woman that’s very focused” and his girlfriend insisted on calling herself a “baby.” Uhmmmmmm…Under the bus. I know she is 18 now, but she looks about 30. He’s 26, but acts 18. So, that’s her man and she isn’t a baby by any standard I can identify. A radio station recently ask Tyga how he deals with the age difference.

“I don’t know,” he told San Francisco radio station 106 KMEL. “It’s hard to talk about that because people are gonna bash. I didn’t understand it though because I’m like, ‘This person is a really good person.’”

I dunno, bud. Watch for the hook. That video has since been taken down.