Ladies! Nas Is Looking For A Wife!

Nas must be a bit desperate for a real love!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Remember "Real Love" by Mary J?

"Real love, I’m searching for a real love
Someone to set my heart free
Real love, I’m searching for a real love
I’m out to have a real love"

Well, it looks like the big homie - soon to be billionaire - Nas is looking for a real love! The rapper jumped on social media and yelled it! Check out what he said on his instagram!

First of all, the Thirst Buckets came out in droves! Just look at the comments! I have to say this, Nas seems to have stopped aging. It is so weird considering he drinks Henny and puffs weed. LOL! Salute to great DNA! When can we get that album that was rumored to be coming out last year?

Anyway,. wonder why Nas said "wife Wife" - and not just wife? Was that a shot at Kelis or Nicki Minaj? I know I am reaching right now with this, but it definitely seems to be a statement of some sort. It could also mean, "not a thot" or "girlfriend." Who knows?! Just make Illmatic 2 or something and leave MAGA Man alone!

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Nas ready for more problems lol..didnt learn from Kelis