Lecrae And J. Cole Avoid Social Media Mob Over "White Blessings" And Alleged Misogyny


They tried to cancel Lecrae and J. Cole, but they survived.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Y'all always trying to cancel the "good" ones. Lecrae and J. Cole might not be perfect, but they certainly aren't the ones we should be trying to cancel. There are people like Kodak, 69, Boosie, Lil Wayne and a bunch of others that have done and said things to diametrically opposed to where we are going that I cannot believe they are allowed to drop music! That's a general statement, because I have been fans of these guys music in some way or another. OK, that's a lie, because I don't like anything 69 ever did.

The point is the last two days, two of the good dudes caught hell. J. Cole literally complimented a woman - Noname - that had apparently taken him to task for not using his "platform" effectively for trans and women. I am looking at him like a dude that's doing his best, but far from perfect. But Cole seemed a bit tight, but said that she was a "queen" and so on and so forth, admitting his shortcomings. Nobody's happy.

After seeing the Lecrae interview, dude deserves an apology too. He didn't check a racist the way people wanted him too. I think the slobbering angst towards him was justified, because of the flat out egregious nature of the racist statement about slavery being a #WhiteBlessing! How did Lecrae stand there and listen to that? Well here is his explanation: