Lee Daniels Says He Has Dame Dash’s Money!

Director Lee Daniels says that he will pay Dame Dash back the money he is owed.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) The beef between Dame Dash and Lee Daniels is one of the more interesting situations in entertainment right now.

No, it doesn't give us Drake and Pusha T vibes, but it is on a level of its own.

The feud stems from Damon Dash loaning Lee Daniels money for one of his film projects.

According to Dame, he loaned the director $2 million and he was suppose to pay it back years ago. However after finding mega success, Lee Daniels hasn't paid Dame back his money yet.

Dame has been speaking out against Daniels for years trying to settle the matter. Things are looking to finally be coming to an end after Dame finally caught up with Daniels in person.

The entire incident was recorded and of course the video quickly went viral.

In the clip, Daniels can be seen telling Dame he was going to pay him back the money.

Dame has since filed a $5 Million lawsuit against Lee Daniels for unpaid funds.

Well in a new interview, Lee Daniels once again stated that he would repay Dame every dime.

Time will tell or a judge will decide this one.


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