Lee Daniels Thinks A Gay Rapper Will Go Platinum Sooner Than We Think

Lee Daniels feels that Empire has made it okay to be a gay rapper, and a gay rapper will soon top the charts.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Some homophobic rappers and homophobic Hip Hop fans aren't going to be too happy about Lee Daniels' predictions of a gay rapper taking over the charts soon.

TMZ caught up with Lee and asked him when would we see a gay Hip Hop artist go platinum. Lee Daniels doesn't think it's a far fetched notion or possibility. In fact he believes that Hip Hop and America are finally "shook" in regards to acknowledging and accepting the LGBT community.

Daniels has even previously stated that 'Empire' has made it okay to be a gay Hip Hop artist.

When the cameraman asked Daniels when he thought we'd see a gay platinum Hip Hop star, Lee replied with,

"I think sooner than you think. I think now."

Do you think this is just a prediction, or do you think Lee is onto something that we don't know about just yet?

What are your thoughts?

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I'm sure it already happened but he's just not openly gay..

lil wayne has been out & platinum for a long time

spanky1, Weezy got a nice little list of baby mamas. If he sleeps with men and impregnates that many women he needs to off himself asap.

Da Brat was the first solo female hip hop artist AND the first gay artist to go platinum back in 1994 with Funkdafied! Classic!