LesbiHonest: Did Kehlani Switch Sides?


Singer Kehlani now appears to be dating herself. Can the real Kehlani please stand up!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Sooooo fellas, if you were waiting for your chance with Kehlani, you either have to wait a while, or your opportunity is completely over as Kehlani has revealed that she has a girlfriend now!

People are tripped out about how much Kehlani and her new girlfriend look alike.

Mannnnnn after her fiasco with Kyrie Irving and PartyNextDoor, baby girl says she has had enough of men....maybe.

Some folks believe that Kehlani is either still finding herself, may be coming to terms with who she always was, is in an experimental phase, or she's one of the girls who gets with a girl after having a series of bad relationships with guys.

Hey, when all else fails, start dating your clone.





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what do you mean switch sides? kehlani has always been bi, i mean that’s been clear since she dropped first position forever ago so how did she switch sides...