Lil B Responds To Ja Rule's Attempted Curse Of NBA's Timberwolves


Did Ja Rule swipe a staple of Lil B or....something else.

(AllHipHop Rumors) YOOOOOOO! I like Ja Rule so I did not want to be seen as somebody that called him out over a little something amid his "L" over the weekend. He did a small thing that I didn't care for and I tired to glaze over it. But, if you didn't get the full report about his halftime show, go to this link:

When the Minn. Timberwolves tried to clown him for his halftime show, he responded with a joke of his own, that was derivative of Lil B. Lil B is the rapper that is now known for his ability to curse a person, being or entity. Ja Rule tried to curse The Timberwolves. A fan tagged The Based God and the Based God responded in the comments on Twitter. He acted in a most beneficent manner, but see for yourself.