Lil Bibby Bravely Confronts Alleged Juice Wrld Homeless-Looking Bootlegger

Lil Bibby defends the capitalistic honor of his rap buddy.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I hope you can see the sarcasm in my headline. Apparently, rich rappers are going around defending the honor of other rich rappers. BOOTLEGGERS BEWARE! Lil Bibby, in the safety of an SUV, pulled up on some man that was selling Juice Wrld t-shirts on the street. I am assuming this took place at a concert of some sort and the dude accused of bootlegging was getting his hustle on a bit.

Why Bibby acting like the police? Sh*t is real in the streets and this dude looks like he's a few bucks away from being homeless - or already homeless. He's not hurting Juice Wrld's money at all! To me, this is corny. Hip-Hop has a long running issue with bootlegging, but this ain't back in the day. Back in the day, if you were bootlegging, that was your money for real (at least that was the perception). Furthermore, dudes like Tupac and Onyx were actually in the streets hand-to-hand confronting bootleggers.

Check out these dudes that were bootlegging some of that Onyx swag in a song called "BOOTLEGGA" - its so funny!

What I like about this is they show that everybody that was a bootlegger wasn't Black. AND STILL AREN'T. But, we will always pick on the least able to fight back, right? Well, it looks like Juicy and Bibby got together. I hope he told him the story of how he stopped a man from making a couple of bucks. Salute!

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Lil Bibby? Really? Defending his girlfriend? This story could have went another way, I suggest that NONE of you new fruity sissy boy rappers try this on a real dude. You will get dragged all over the block.