Lil Bibby Preparing For College?


Brandon Dickinson might be the next group of students to go to VCU. Virginia Commonwealth University! Lil Bibby, his rap name, is know to be one of those Chi-Town spitters, but could he be going a different route? He's dropped Free Crack and Free Crack 2 and then some. Could this be...Free Books? Well see. Right now, nobody quite knows if Bibby is telling the truth or playing a prank. I am thinking that he's gonna be going to college. ain't nothing in the rap game unless you are Jay, Kanye, Diddy, 50, The Game, Kendrick, J. Cole or something along those lines. Check out the video below and see if he's lying or not.

I know some of you are going to say "Who cares," but before you do that...check why you would say that.