Lil Boosie Fires Back At Baby Momma!

Boosie has some startling revelations of his own for his Baby's Mother.

(AllHipHop Rumors) What a mess! What a mess! Lil Boosie and his baby moms are going toe to toe on social media, if such a thing exists. They are going back and forth on social media. Now, this all started with the sensational allegations that Boosie killed her brother, the uncle of their child. In the original vid, Boosie is going off in an audio recorded by his BM. She's put him on blast for a startling admission - that he bodied her brother. Boosie seemed to own that.

But, Boosie has his own admission. He stated that she was a sexually promiscuous woman that had a threesome with Boosie and his best friend. And, yes, Boosie managed to have a child with this woman, even though in the video, he says he had the head. I am not sure what is the truth, but this is definitely a mess!

I hope the kid is protected from all of this, because this is damaging ME...I know it is damaging her. Maybe she should get Boosie on Maury or Divorce Court! We know he's the father and they aren't married, but something must be done!

When Jesus tried to take the wheel...