Lil’ Durk’s Baby Mama Calls Him Out Over Parenting

Lil’ Durk wants to make some changes in his life and his career. The first thing he wants to do is bring all of his children under one roof; his roof.

Photo via Lil’ Durk’s Instagram

Lil’ Durk says having all of his children in his mansion will help him grow mentally and reach his peak. One of Durk’s baby mamas, @Nikkic_osg, wasn’t going for it. She called Lil’ Durk out saying he just wants some attention right now. She says raising kids takes time, patience, and dedication that Durk simply doesn’t have. She went on to say that Lil’ Durk must be talking to his other 10 baby mamas when he talks about taking someone’s kids from them. Well, good luck Durk. Sounds like he’s growing up a little.

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