Lil Mama Reflects On Stage Crashing Incident On Jay-Z's Birthday


Lil Mama is "still standing" with Jay-Z!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Lil Mama had to know that this was going to happen!

We all know that Lil Mama is one of the biggest Jay-Z fans in history but, she may want to skip out on talking anything Jay as we already can't ever forget that embarrassing moment where she joined Jay-Z and Alicia Keys on stage at the 2009 VMAS.

"Empire State Of Mind" was clearly one of the biggest songs that year and Jay and Keys had worked so hard to perfect the performance, only for Lil Mama to have an error in judgment when she decided to crash the stage during their performance as well as pose with them at the end.

At the time, Lil Mama even tried to invite Beyonce up on the stage. She stated [back then] that she only wanted to celebrate the city in that moment. She also expressed that the bullying and ridicule from fans had her suicidal, and the incident itself made her lose a lot of work because people were afraid to work with her because they felt like if they did, it may make Jay-Z and Alicia Keys upset.

Years later the rapper-turned-actress has decided to address the situation on Instagram, [yesterday] on Hov's birthday.


After fans went in on the comments, Lil Mama took time out to clarify her post with another post that said,

"My Last Post was Intended to acknowledge growth. That night, two of my hometown Heros felt disrespected and in return I felt neglected. However time heals all and give us the gift of hindsight (20/20 vision) where we can see things clearer, learn and grow from them. Even having to overcome the scrutiny that came with my choices, I still find it in my heart to forgive and LOVE in Hopes That it is returned upon me. I recently watched Jay Z’s interview with The New York Times editor and chief and leaned so much about forgiveness and pushing culture forward. I am inspired by your honesty, vulnerability and maturity. I’m ready for dialogue. Love You Jay... Happy Birthday 💕❤️"

We know that Lil Mama is extremely talented, but unfortunately this incident will be tied to her for the rest of her career. I mean it's plenty of celebs with incidents that they cannot shake.

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