Lil Peep In A Casket, Alleged Drug Seller Under Si

Lil Pee's death has been ruled an accident, but some people aren't accepting that.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Lil Peep. I didn’t know much about him. But he was laid to rest this week and that was a fast funeral indeed! I don’t know that I have seen a celeb laid to rest so fast. I am wondering what sort of toxicology reports and cause of death reports they could have done.

Now, all eyes are on the person they charge gave him the drugs despite a preexisting mental issue and addiction issue. They snitching heavy on Mariah Boons! I don’t know who she is because IDGAF, but she better be careful! They snitching but she may be the one getting the stitches!!!

Lil deadbeat thanked his homie for overdosing... word?

@AHH/Maven: y'all should not have this boys picture on here in a casket... SMH

Lil Peep killed himself...

So someone made dude do drugs? Honestly I never heard of dude until now. Celebrity? Uh ok...messed up he passed but he decided to do drugs on his own.

yo it says "lil pee" instead of lil peep, you should fix it