Lil Pump Was Gifted A $30,000 Gucci Bike


A $30,000 Gucci bike was just gifted to Lil Pump from Graham Kramer the founder and owner of Rumor and Rumor Records. The bike is custom made, limited edition from one of the most fashionable brands around hence the price. What a unique and cool gift from Kramer.

The bike is white and comes custom made, loaded with Gucci’s best products. The bike features two Gucci bags on either side, a Gucci wallet/purse up on the handlebars, a Gucci decal wrapped bike seat, and other Gucci logos and colors pictured on the frame. It’s a masterpiece to say the least.

Graham Kramer and his record label Rumor Records are in a position now to make more noise in the music scene than ever before.

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