Lil Reese Leaves Hospital, Gucci Mane Addresses Rumors, RIP Nipsey Hussle


Lil Reese takes it to live to let people know he's "good," but how good?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Lil Reese was shot and for a second there, I thought he might be really messed up. There were reports that he was "good" and there were reports that he was in critical condition. Well, it looks like he's GOOD GOOD!

He didn't say much and he didn't show his neck, but it looks like he really is good. I hope whoever shot him is in hiding! Lil Reese is more than a rapper out in these streets!


Eric Holder tried it! The alleged (confirmed) killer of one of the dopest, Nipsey Hussle tried to have his case tossed. He didn't try to toss the killing of King there were two other men present that resulted in a pair of attempted murder charges. Basically, the lawyers are trying to say their client didn't try to kill them at all. Apparently there is a "kill zone theory" that DOES NOT APPLY! Long story short - the judge said "NAH!" Homie still faces one count of murder, one count of firearm possession by a felon, and two counts of attempted murder! By the way, I know this isn't a rumor, but I decided to post it anyway. 


Gucci Mane has had the most insane glow up in the history of rap! Rappers have long tried to get their bodies in shape! But there is only on dude that has gone from a fat trap star to a model rap star! That is Gucci Mane. Now, I personally gave his wife all the praise. All hail Keyshia Ka'oir! She's a baddie! But, some have said that her alleged cosmetic ways have come over to her man. Now I have heard a lot about her. I heard she has rib removal surgery and no longer has a belly button. That simply isn't true, because I just saw her belly button! But now they are saying that Gucci has...possibly done some surgeries to get that chiseled body. For the record I don't go around looking at men's bodies! But this is the rumor section and this is what they are talking about!

Check it! Even Gucci has said something about it. 

And then he hit us with this!

At the end of the day, I don't think it matters at all! They rich! They happy! And they do whatever they want. GOALS!