Lil Reese Takes Some Heavy Losses Over The Weekend!

Lil Reese is known to do a lot of things and, well, some say karma has come knocking.

(AllHipHop Rumors) This ain't no rumor! Lil Reese got taken like a movie staring racist ass Liam Neeson. This is actually sad to me. Lil Reese drops new song amidst reports he got jumped by a rival rapper. In this social media world, that dude is taking all the credit for the beating and stating that Reese actually pooped his pants during the fracas.

Look how it played out on social media.

Butt, despite how badly it looks, he comes back to clap back with a song. “No Face No Case” has Reese putting his best foot forward to change the narrative. “No case, no face or nothin’/ Aiming for the top trying to hit your face with somethin’/ F*** a b*tch a won’t chase none,” he raps to nobody in particular.

Lil Reese pissed me off when he beat up a Black girl on camera. Remember that?

Some have said this is just karma.

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